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Harmony Holistic Massage Therapy LLC

Pam Sammons  LMT. MMT.

Licensed Certified Massage Therapist


 Advanced Massage Therapy Certification 2002

Instructor of Massage Therapy 2004-2009

OMERI Orthopedic Massage I-II-III-  2005/2007/2012

Upledger Craniosacral Therapy I & II  2008

Manual Medicine Therapy 2012

 Pam Sammons, is a Licensed Massage therapist and Craniosacral therapist located in Lake Orion, MI. Depending on what your individual needs are, Pam provides professional insight, Therapeutic massage, Integrative techniques (that may include essential oils,warm stones, orthopedic assessment/ techniques,and holistic manual medicine) into her sessions as needed, as well-her vast knowledge of the anatomy of the human body.

She works together with each client, providing what is needed that day, whether that be relief from back pain, TMJ relief, headaches, the easing of a frozen shoulder, pregnancy, headaches or just relaxing!

Pam Sammons, LMT. has been practicing massage therapy since May 2002, after training at The Flint School of Therapeutic Massage in Grand Blanc Michigan for 3 years. She chose a private school; after transitioning from a 20 year career as a Fitness Specialist; and already had a strong exercise science background.

Pam became a massage therapist because she loves to teach, help others, and work with her hands. After receiving one of her first massages in 1993, following the birth of her second child, Pam realized how profoundly healing the work can be physically and emotionally. She very much wanted to bring some form of healing to others. 

What Pam loves most about this work is the fact that it helps people change the patterns of their lives. We are dynamic human beings; we are always changing, our cells, blood, and breath always in motion. Thus, even though a pattern has been set, it can  be altered. On a physical level, the muscle fibers can be moved, stretched, expanded, and a chronic pain eased. On a physiological level, energy can return and wholeness in the body can come into balance.

On an energetic and emotional level, people can begin to peel away layers that have held them in painful patterns, they can begin to make small changes towards unpleasant feelings and memories, and those feelings can start to transform.

Pam Smmons, LMT. MMT

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