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Harmony Holistic Massage Therapy LLC

Pam Sammons  LMT. MMT.

Licensed Certified Massage Therapist


 Advanced Massage Therapy Certification 2002

Instructor of Massage Therapy 2004-2009

OMERI Orthopedic Massage I-II-III-  2005/2007/2012

Upledger Craniosacral Therapy I & II  2008

Manual Medicine Therapy 2012

Pam Sammons LMT, graduated as a certified massage therapist in 2002 and has been practicing a bountiful full time career for over 18 years. She enjoyed a full time career in the wellness industry over 20 years, so her career shift was natural and helpful to becoming a massage therapist. 

Pam's continuing education,healing hands, along with many years of experience - plays a major role in so many individuals health care who have been long time clients. What people enjoy about Pam, is her variety of skills that she offers in each session and most important - results.

Massage Therapy combined with Craniosacral Therapy techniques; are a wonderful combination for a variety of conditions including:

* migraines/headaches

* frozen shoulder/ rotator cuff/ cervical pain / thoracic outlet syndrome

* lower back/ sciatica / hip-knee replacement

* knee pain/ ankles, plantar fasciitis

* Stress/ relaxation

* Pregnancy

* Orthopedic conditions / chronic pain




Pam Sammons, LMT. MMT

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